Moving Forward with Sustainable Investing: A Roadmap for Asset Owners (2019)

 Moving Forward with Sustainable Investing: A Roadmap for Asset Owners (2019)
This comprehensive guide can help institutional asset owners get started in sustainable investing or enhance their current level of sustainable investing practice. It is relevant for retirement plans, corporations, educational institutions, philanthropic foundations, family offices, nonprofit organizations and other asset owners. It explains the basics of sustainable investing and includes a series of steps asset owners can take to move forward. Included as well are case studies of three institutions—a public retirement system, a philanthropic foundation and a family office—with rigorous sustainable investment approaches.

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The roadmap covers the following 10 steps for asset owners to develop and enhance their sustainable investing practices:

• Establish the oversight process
• Create or update the investment policy statement
• Identify sources of ESG data, research and training
• Develop an ESG incorporation strategy
• Identify asset allocation and investment options
• Select managers for externally managed assets
• Develop proxy voting guidelines and vote proxies
• Develop and implement an investor engagement strategy
• Measure and manage impact
• Participate in building the field