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Sustainable Investment Research: Analysis, Trends, and Impact

Research Overview

Our objective is to empower investors, policymakers, media, academia, and other stakeholders with authoritative data and actionable intelligence. Through in-depth studies and thoughtful commentary, we aim to elevate sustainable investment practices across the United States and globally.

We monitor the dynamic landscape of this rapidly evolving field, producing comprehensive reports that explore emerging trends, opportunities, and challenges, and provide recommendations. Our findings serve as a valuable resource for decision-makers, fostering informed dialogues and driving positive change within the financial sector and beyond.

Coming Soon! Sustainable Investing Trends 2024

The 15th edition of the Report on US Sustainable Investing Trends will be released in December 2024. First published in 1995, the biennial Trends report provides extensive data on the numbers of institutional asset owners, money management firms and investment vehicles using sustainable investment strategies. Click to view the latest version.

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Research Products

Providing industry-leading research to strengthen and support sustainable investing.

Trends Reports

US SIF's flagship biennial report on U.S. sustainable investing trends.

Thematic Reports

Thematic reports delve deeper, exploring themes within sustainable investing.

Media Articles

Enhancing US SIF's thought leadership in the public dialogue.

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2024 Trends Report Survey

The Trends report is the most comprehensive study of sustainable investing in the United States, and the data collected will inform the 15th edition of the biennial report. This year's survey will include additional questions to gather more granular information on the sustainable investing marketplace.