Global Sustainable Investment Alliance to release GLOBAL SUSTAINABLE INVESTMENT REVIEW 2018

Media web conference scheduled for April 1 10:00 a.m. ET.
WASHINGTON, D.C., March 19, 2019 – The Global Sustainable Investment Alliance (GSIA) will release its biennial Global Sustainable Investment Review 2018 on Monday, April 1 at 8:00 a.m. ET. GSIA leaders will host a media web conference at 10:00 a.m. ET the same day, featuring:
  • Simon Howard, chief executive at UKSIF: The UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association
  • Dustyn Lanz, CEO at Responsible Investment Association, Canada
  • Meg Voorhes, research director at US SIF: The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment
  • Lisa Woll, CEO of US SIF: The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment
In its fourth edition, the biennial Global Sustainable Investment Review will present the latest data and trends on sustainable investing from Europe, the United States, Japan, Canada, and Australia and New Zealand. The report draws on in-depth regional and national reports from GSIA members—Eurosif, US SIF Foundation, Japan SIF, Responsible Investment Association Canada and Responsible Investment Association Australasia. It also features sidebars on Africa from the African Investing for Impact Barometer and from Latin America, provided by the Principles for Responsible Investment. Together, these resources provide data points, insights, analysis and examples of the shape of sustainable investing worldwide.
The Global Sustainable Investment Review is sponsored by UBS, RBC and Hermes Investment Management.  
To register for the media web conference or to be added to the GSIA news release distribution list, please email [email protected].
About The Global Sustainable Investment Alliance
The Global Sustainable Investment Alliance (GSIA) is a collaboration of membership-based sustainable investment organizations around the world. GSIA's mission is to deepen the impact and visibility of sustainable investment organizations at the global level. Its vision is a world where sustainable investment is integrated into financial systems and the investment chain and where all regions of the world have coverage by vigorous membership-based institutions that represent and advance the sustainable investment community. For more information, visit
About US SIF

US SIF: The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment is the leading voice advancing sustainable, responsible and impact investing across all asset classes. Its mission is to rapidly shift investment practices toward sustainability, focusing on long-term investment and the generation of positive social and environmental impacts. US SIF members include investment management and advisory firms, mutual fund companies, asset owners, research firms, financial planners and advisors, broker-dealers, community investing organizations and nonprofit associations. The 9th US SIF Annual Conference will take place June 10-12, in Minneapolis.
US SIF is supported in its work by the US SIF Foundation, a 501(C)(3) organization that undertakes educational and research activities to advance the mission of US SIF, including offering training for advisors and other financial professionals on the Fundamentals of Sustainable and Impact Investment. Learn more at