Global Sustainable Investment

The Global Sustainable Investment Alliance (GSIA) is a collaboration of membership-based sustainable investment organizations around the world. US SIF is proudly a participant and Secretariat of the Alliance. GSIA’s mission is is to deepen and expand the practice of sustainable, responsible and impact investing through intentional international collaboration. GSIA's vision is a world where sustainable investment is integrated into financial systems and the investment chain, and where all regions of the world have coverage by vigorous membership based institutions that represent and advance the sustainable investment community.

Global Sustainable Investment Alliance

The GSIA released the Global Sustainable Investment Review 2018 combining the results of several regional studies around the world to provide a snapshot of the financial markets working for sustainable and equitable economies. 
  • Eurosif
  • Responsible Investment Association Australasia
  • Responsible Investment Association of Canada
  • US SIF
  • VBDO
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