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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Robo-Advisors: State of the Industry and Implication for the Future of ESG

Start Date: 4/24/2018 1:00 PM EDT
End Date: 4/24/2018 2:00 PM EDT

United States 

Event Website: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/2861116562303483395

Organization Name: US SIF

Bryan McGannon
Email: bmcgannon@ussif.org
Phone: 2028725359

Robo-advisors entered the investing mainstream in 2008. They promised to disrupt the traditional financial advisor model and “democratize” retail investing by providing low-cost, online asset management services based on mathematical rules or algorithms. In large part, robo-advisors were set up to reduce the cost of, and need for, human intervention.
Robo-advisors are essentially software platforms which automatically allocate, manage and optimize a client’s investment assets in products such as stocks, bonds, futures, commodities and real estate. Often structured as ETFs, allocations are typically set based on a client’s risk tolerance weighted against a desired return. There are approximately 100 robo-advisory services available online today, some targeted at the socially-minded investing market.
The advent of these online advisory services raises a number of questions for the investment industry: Are they working? Are they more affordable? Do they fulfill the promise to bring better investment tools to the masses? And, are they addressing the needs of socially-minded investors and bringing others into the fold?
This webinar will present a general overview of this technology and industry trends. We will engage in group conversation on the promise—and limitations—of digital investment platforms serving values-aligned investors.