Sustainable Investing: An Online Course for Individual Investors – Next Steps

Congratulations on completing the US SIF Foundation’s Sustainable Investing: An Introductory Course for Individual Investors!

On this page you will find resources for next steps in order to align your investments to address your social and environmental priorities.

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Action Items:

  1. Fill out an ESG questionnaire to uncover the issues that matter to you.
  2. If you own mutual funds and/or ETFs, explore tools like the six “Investing Your Values” websites from As You Sow, the Sustainability Ratings from Morningstar, the Heart Ratings from Natural Investments, and US SIF’s member mutual funds and ETFs chart to learn about the sustainability attributes of your funds.
  3. If you own individual stocks, vote your proxies.
  4. Research and engage your retirement plan:
  1. Consider banking with community investing institutions, as well as investing in specific community focused products (CDs/Notes/Loan funds). To find a community development bank or credit union, please visit:

  1. Consider professional investment help. One resource is US SIF’s member directory of sustainable investment institutions and professionals.
  2. Get involved in your community and help move organizations to adopt sustainable investing.

Additional resources: