The biennial Report on US Sustainable and Impact Investing Trends is the premier source of sustainable investing data in the United States. The report provides in-depth information on ESG trends across asset classes, and among both asset managers and institutional asset owners. The Trends report is an essential resource for Parnassus Investments in our research and asset management business. We are proud to be the Visionary Sponsor of the 2020 report.
Iyassu Essayas, Director of ESG Research, Parnassus Investments

Foundations have a mission, but too often an endowment’s investments do not support, or actually conflict, with that mission. The Wallace Global Fund utilizes a responsible investment strategy for our entire endowment and looks to the US SIF Foundation’s Trends Report for the latest information on growth and trends in investment approaches, and the environmental, social and governance issues being addressed through shareowner engagement.
-- Ellen Dorsey, Executive Director, Wallace Global Fund

The premise underlying sustainable investing is elegant in its simplicity: companies that do a better job of integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards into their business models are better positioned than their less-enlightened competitors to provide investment performance over the long term. Therefore, identifying and investing in those companies is arguably a smarter way to invest -- avoiding the risks associated with substandard ESG performance while capturing the returns associated with sustainability leadership.
-- Joe Keefe, President & CEO, Pax World Management

For practitioners and anyone engaged in formulating policy, US SIF’s Trends Report is a critical resource for understanding investors’ ever-broadening focus on sustainability and environmental, social and governance considerations.
-- Tracy Palandjian, CEO, Social Finance US, Co-Chair US National Advisory Board on Impact Investing

Filing two to three dozen shareholder resolutions a year, our team of three advocacy experts push companies to improve in areas such as diversity, human rights, climate change, and political spending. We believe that shareholders have a vital responsibility to exercise their rights in order to help management address important emerging risks that might otherwise be ignored.
-- Matthew Patsky, CFA, Chief Executive Officer, Trillium Asset Management

Sustainability in its simplest form is the ability to continue. There are both risks and opportunities ahead. The ESG framework we're adopting will help us make better investment decisions for the long term.
--Anne Simpson, Senior Portfolio Manager, Investments and Director of Global Governance, California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS)

The sustainable and impact investing field has grown exponentially since groups like US SIF and the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR) were created decades ago. The faith-based investors of ICCR catalyzed the shareholder advocacy movement and are among its most active participants. US SIF has faithfully researched and documented the growth of SRI for years, providing all those interested in this critical field with an invaluable resource. We count on the US SIF Trends report for current data and analysis to inform our strategic planning and decision-making.
-- Josh Zinner, CEO, Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility