Every year the number of sustainable investment opportunities multiplies. The biennial Report on US Sustainable Investing Trends is a critical resource for navigating this evolving and increasingly complex landscape. The report offers key insights across thematic trends year over year, providing important visibility to our industry based on credible data from asset owners and asset managers. US SIF remains one of Boston Trust Walden’s most valued partners and the Trends Report one of the industry’s most invaluable resources.
Amy D. Augustine, Director, ESG Investing, Boston Trust Walden 

The past few years in particular have shown incredible increases in the interest in Sustainable, Responsible and Impact investing, along with a proliferation of new products, classifications and terminology. The biennial Report on US Sustainable Investing Trends has never been more important to track and understand the growing interest across industry participants, asset classes and investment vehicles. The information and key insights the report provides to both Trillium and our entire ESG ecosystem are invaluable tools to help us all navigate the changing dynamics in our industry.
-- Elizabeth R. Levy, Head of ESG Strategy, Trillium Asset Management

When responsible investors analyze a company’s fundamentals in conjunction with ESG criteria, it improves both investment and societal outcomes. We hope that the findings in the 2022 Trends report will help to guide investors as they build responsible investment portfolios.
-- Marian Macindoe, Head of ESG Stewardship, Parnassus Investments

 The US SIF Foundation’s 2022 Trends report provides critical information on the sustainable investment industry during an important year of transition for the field. The Wallace Global Fund utilizes an impact investment strategy for our entire endowment and supports the many organizations and movements deploying finance as a lever of change. WGF utilizes the Trends report for the latest data regarding investment approaches and the analysis it provides of the field’s impact on the environmental, social and governance practices of corporations through shareowner engagement.
Ellen Dorsey, Executive Director of the Wallace Global Fund

The sustainable and impact investing field has grown exponentially since groups like US SIF and the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR) were created decades ago. The faith-based investors of ICCR catalyzed the shareholder advocacy movement and are among its most active participants. US SIF has faithfully researched and documented the growth of SRI for years, providing all those interested in this critical field with an invaluable resource. We count on the US SIF Trends report for current data and analysis to inform our strategic planning and decision-making.
-- Josh Zinner, CEO, Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility