The Sustainable Investment Research Analyst Network

The Sustainable Investment Research Analyst Network (SIRAN) is a working group of US SIF: The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment. SIRAN engages more than 300 US SIF members who are North American sustainable investment research analysts from over 60 investment firms, research providers and afilliated investors groups.

SIRAN's sustainability research analysts research and evaluate corporate policies and performance on various environmental, social and governance issues within companies, including health and safety issues, diversity and human resources policies, and human rights and the supply chain. Such research may be used among investment managers in creating proprietary SRI products, portfolios, corporate benchmarking reports, risk assessments and to engage with companies to encourage better performance.

Benefits of SIRAN Participation

Members of SIRAN have opportunities to:

  • Participate in a forum where analysts share best practices, thoughts on emerging issues and resources
  • Engage in and help organize monthly educational events, such as webinars and conference calls, on topical issues of interest
  • Join SIRAN calls with publicly traded companies to research, review and ask questions about environmental, social and governance policies and performance
  • Gain leadership development within the sustainable and responsible investment community through involvement with SIRAN's Steering Committee and two sub-committees: Membership and Outreach, and Sustainable Education and Company Engagement (SECE)
Our 3 Goals

  • Articulate a collective voice on issues relevant to environmental, social and governance (ESG) research
  • Serve as a resource to companies by providing a point of contact in the sustainability investment analyst community
  • Provide professional support to sustainability investment analysts

Committee Members

SIRAN has 8 steering committee members. Please see their bios here

  • Matthew Barg, Sustainalytics
  • Shadé Brown, Calvert Investments
  • Dayna Linley-Jones, Sustainalytics
  • Mike Lombardo, Calvert Investments
  • Nandana Mewada, MSCI ESG Research
  • Samantha Sue Ping, MSCI ESG Research
  • Leah Turino, Boston Common Asset Management
  • Mariela Vargova, Rockefeller & Co.
Upcoming Events

To view a list of previous and upcoming SIRAN-organized and other US SIF events, please visit our calendar. The majority of SIRAN events are for SIRAN members only. 

Join Us!

If you are a US SIF member and a sustainability research analyst and would like to join SIRAN to participate in its electronic discussion group and other benefits, please email us.  

Not a US SIF member? Join us to get involved.